Fun Education Demonstration by Dr. Yufeng Zheng

Education is fun and extended beyond  the classroom

Work Title Goal/Description Control/Note Screen Copy
Word Search
  • Learn the Sight Words of Grade K-5.
  • Enable ActiveX/JaveScript;
  • Look for the "Target" words from the puzzle;
  • "Show Where"/"Start Over" to show/hide the anwers;
  • Click "Next Puzzle" to continue;
  • Click "Report" to review all words you learned;
  • and more user controls ...
3D Auto
  • To Perceive a 3D Auto-Stereogram.
  • Click the Work Title on the left for Instruction;
  • Click the small icon on the right for a big picture.
Monthly Payment
(Matlab code)
  • To figure out your monthly payment of your housing loan.
  • To download the Matlab code, Right Click the Work Title and select "Save target as ..."; then rename '.m.txt' to '.m';
  • Click the small icon to see an exmaple.