Industry Demonstration by Dr. Yufeng Zheng

Industry Experience Brief

Position Description Proof
  • CCNP (Certified Network Professional) since 2011;
  • CCNA (Certified Network Associate)  since 2011;
  • CCNA Security  since 2011;
  • Certificated Senior Engineer in Computer Software Development (by the Beijing Government, China)  since 1999;
  • Six-Sigma Green Belt certified by GE Medical Systems (at Beijing, China)  since 2000.
Sr. Imaging Engineer
  • Senior Engineer in CT Imaging (1999-2001), GE Hangwei Medical Systems Co. Ltd., Beijing, China;
  • CT imaging algorithm development includes calibration (in projection space), reconstruction, post-processing (in image space).
  • Major accomplishments: the CT scout image z-resolution improvement algorithm (in image space), and the Helical tilt correction algorithm (in project space);
  • Other contribution: a well developed platform/testbed for CT imaging algorithm development (based on Windows NT).
Sr. Software Engineer
  • Sr. Software Engineer, Huawei Tech. Co., Beijing, China;
  • Responsibility: To design and implement the PNNI (Private Network to Network Interface) protocol for an ATM switch.
Research Engineer
  • Research Engineer (1989-1991), Changzhi Bearing Manufacturing Co., Shanxi, China;
  • Responsibility: To Investigate and design the rolling bearing system for variant applications.